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Welcome to the website of The Grenada High Commission London, United Kingdom.

Grenada and the United Kingdom continue to have a profound and positive influence on each other.  The two countries share a Sovereign, and both have among the oldest continuous traditions of parliamentry democracy.

World's top 20 places for the good life - Daily Telegraph

6      Grenada

"A home in the Caribbean gives you the chance to go beyond the beach and become more involved in the history and culture of the region. Affectionately known as the Spice Island, Grenada is the world’s largest exporter of nutmeg and mace. It is a fertile spot, with a friendly reputation. There is nowhere better to enjoy Caribbean cuisine, bursting with the flavours of the sea. The island has recently attracted a more cosmopolitan set, although it remains good value compared with more fashionable islands."


You are invited to browse our information pages and use the many links to access our national events, annual holidays, Government Information, Investments, Consular Services including Visa and Nationality Application forms and other types of Grenadian interests.

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Hours of Opening are:- 

General Enquiries


09:00 TO 5:00 PM

Consular Enquiries


10:00 TO 2:00 PM

Our office is closed on UK Bank Holidays and on Public Holidays in Grenada

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Our Charge' d' Affaires

Mr. Samuel Sandy is the Charge' d' Affaires for The Grenada High Commission, London.

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Our Country

Grenada, with its unspoilt landscapes, has the perfect balance, appealing to the interest of adventure lovers, beach dwellers, or couples looking for a romantic destination.

On our picturesque and petite island, you can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Grand Anse Beach to trekking through the rainforest of Seven Sisters Waterfalls, all within a day.

Our English-speaking nation has some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, so, even if you happen to get lost, you will surely encounter other aspects of our vibrant culture and hospitality.

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Our Culture

Our charming culture is an interesting fusion of old traditions and new generations. In our Carnival, influenced by African slaves and French colonisers, is the prominent presence of the Jab Molassi.

Commonly referred to as ‘Jab-Jab’, revellers covered in oil march through the streets to the rhythm of their own drums, alongside the newer addition of revellers covered in colourful paint. This is a unique aspect of our Carnival and showcases the creativity in our culture.

Other displays of our culture can be found in performances showcasing our folk tales and folk dances, the work of local artist and craftsman and the sounds of calypso music.

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Hail Grenada, land of ours
We pledge ourselves to thee
Heads, hearts and hands in unity
To reach our destiny 
Ever conscious of God
Being proud of our heritage
May we with faith and courage
Aspire, build, advance
As one people, one family
God bless our nation.


Writen by Irva Blackette Nee Baptiste
Arranged by Louis Masanto

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